As our first rewards opportunity, we made Sports Day a bit special this year to acknowledge the hard work that students have been putting in.

The top 5 students for stamps in each year group (in green) got a free BBQ and ice cream/ice lolly. The next 5 top students for stamps in each year group (in orange) got a free ice cream/ice lolly.

Katie Stephenson Year 7 7VGA
Mollie Newbould Year 7 7VGA
Daisy Curry Year 7 7TRO
Molly Spooner Year 7 7VGA
Millie Tate Year 7 7VGA
Thomas Dean Year 7 7LJO
Ellie Hickling Year 7 7VGA
Luke Matthews Year 7 7VGA
Thomas Dawson Year 7 7VGA
Bethan Wright Year 7 7LJO
Declan Brewins Year 8 8FKI
Stephanie Hardie Year 8 8FKI
Abbie Brown Year 8 8CST
Kimberley Strachan Year 8 8FKI
Gabrielle Townsend Year 8 8FKI
Olivia Austin Year 8 8FKI
Nakeisha Lynch Year 8 8FKI
Aimee Tonks Year 8 8FKI
Harry Jackson Year 8 8FKI
Sophie Ruston Year 8 8FKI
Fiona Tippling Year 9 9MLE
Weronika Paszkowska Year 9 9MLE
Aimee Hancock Year 9 9MLE
Eleanor Hanks Year 9 9MLE
Jade Stephenson Year 9 9HRO
Chelsea Sharpe Year 9 9HRO
Maya Charman Year 9 9MLE
Chloe Campbell Year 9 9MLE
Lauren Watkinson Year 9 9WWH
Emily Marshall Year 9 9MLE
Aidan Rhodes Year 10 10GDA
James Austwick Year 10 10GDA
Chloe Donaldson Year 10 10MCO
Cara Grimwade Year 10 10MCO
Damien Myall Year 10 10CAI
Elisha Hardcastle Year 10 10MCO
Jay Hughes Year 10 10MCO
Leah Howcroft Year 10 10MCO
Connor Marshall Year 10 10MCO
Jamie Croft Year 10 10MCO