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Geography is an exciting and interesting enquiry based subject at Brayton Academy.

The department is well resourced with a wide variety of textbooks, maps and DVDs. The specialist teaching room also has an interactive whiteboard and digital visualiser.

Fieldwork is an important aspect of Geography at Brayton Academy. We aim to take the classroom outside by giving students the opportunity to study Geography in the real world through fieldwork and enquiry. Current studies include the local area and the East coast.


Key Stage 3

Geography is taught in ability groups at Key Stage 3.

Year 7 – In Year 7 students have two lessons of Geography a week.

Topics studied: Introduction to Geography to include regional and UK places; Map Skills; Settlement and Population and Ecosystems to include Tropical rainforests

Year 8 – In Year 8 students have three Geography lessons a week.

The Year course is issues based with students studying the geographical context of current world issues. These include: Conflict and Governance/Transnational Companies and poverty.

Year 9 – In year 9 students have two Geography lessons a week

Topics studied: Coasts; International Development and Globalisation, Natural Hazards, Environmental Issues to include Climate Change and Global Warming, Weather and Climate.


In Years 10 and 11 students have three lessons a week.

At GCSE we follow the AQA specification. This course is assessed by exam only which will be sat in summer of Year 11.

The course comprises of three units:

Unit 1 – Living with the physical environment: tectonic hazards, weather hazards, climate change, ecosystems, tropical rainforests, hot deserts, coasts and rivers. The exam for this unit is worth 35% and is 1 hour 30 mins.

Unit 2 – Challenges in the human environment – The urban world, urban change in the UK, urban sustainability, development and the UK economy and resource management. The exam for this unit is worth 35% and is 1 hour 30 mins.

Unit 3 – Geographical application and skills: Issue evaluation, fieldwork and geographical skills. The exam for this unit is worth 30% and is 1 hour 15 mins.



Mrs. V. Garvey – Specialist teacher of Geography – [email protected]
Mrs. V. Wragg – Specialist teacher of Geography – [email protected]


Extra Curricular

Period 7 (2.30pm – 3.30pm) is used for intervention and extra support and assistance at both Key Stage 3 and 4.


Useful links

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Students should also keep up to date with current events through TV news or a quality newspaper/website.

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