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Department Information

Last year 81% of students at Brayton achieved a grade 4 (standard pass) or higher in their mathematics GCSE, with 65% of students achieving a grade 5 (strong pass) or above. These figures are above national averages. A small group of students also had the opportunity to study a GCSE in further mathematics, which is still graded from A*-G. 100% of students achieved a grade C or higher on this course. We are very proud of the achievements of all our students.

As a department we believe that all students can learn and enjoy mathematics. We will support all students to achieve competency in their mathematical skills both in lessons and though the use of intervention where necessary. We support students to develop a growth mindset with praise focused on effort rather than ability.

Students are placed in sets for their maths lessons, based on prior attainment. Because maths is a hierarchical subject this allows teachers to match lesson content to the particular needs of their class, ensuring that all students are stretched and challenged in their maths lessons, but also that support is given where necessary. The set that your child is placed in will be kept under constant review throughout the academic year to ensure they are in the right place for them.

We recognise that there is a lot of content in the mathematics curriculum and support students to develop a strong, working knowledge in mathematics by providing frequent opportunities for revision within lessons right from year 7. This takes a variety of forms such as dedicated Review sections of lessons, in-class quizzes, and the inter-leaving of previously studied topics into new material being learnt. Our work in this area is drawn from cognitive-science research into how we learn and the workings of our long-term memory. This means that we are able to constantly move the mathematics education of our pupils forwards, rather than repeatedly covering similar ground.

All students study the Edexcel GCSE course. This is a linear course, with no coursework which means all the exams are taken at the end of Year 11. The Maths exam consists of 3 papers, one non-calculator and two calculator.

Departmental Staff

Miss H Cotterill (Subject Leader) – [email protected]

Mr A Moon (Head of School) – [email protected]

Miss L Bates – [email protected]

Miss N Ball – [email protected]


Students are set maths homework every week on the online platform Hegarty Maths. This platform provides a range of benefits, chief amongst them videos explaining how to complete every topic on the GCSE course so that students can access help themselves, wherever they are. Please click here to download the presentation your child was shown by their teacher outlining our expectations for homework. Students log-in to their own personal account using their name and date of birth. If a pupil is struggling to access the online homeworks at home their teacher can support them to do this in-school instead.

Homework is used as revision in maths, with tasks being set on topics that students have studied previously, rather than focusing on what they are learning about currently. This feeds in to our philosophy of constantly supporting pupils to revise throughout their mathematics education, so that by the time they reach year 11 they have a wealth of secure knowledge to call upon.

Supporting your Child

The best way to support your child in maths is to talk to them about what they are learning and help them to develop an interest in and enthusiasm for the subject. However, if you have any concerns about any areas that you think your child is struggling with the Hegarty Maths homework platform has a wealth of supporting materials that you can encourage them to access. All of the topics and tasks are available to every pupil at all times, they do not have to have been assigned a task by their teacher in order to complete it. There is also a revision function on the platform that will provide your child with revision questions tailored to their individual needs. For any persistent concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your child’s maths teacher.

In year 11 students should be completing past papers regularly from January onwards in preparation for their GCSE exam. The following website provides free access to all of the available exam materials for our exam board (EdExcel) along with mark schemes and model solutions :

There is also a wealth of worksheets, revision notes, video explanations and interactive (self-marking) quizzes available at:

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