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Resilience is a new compulsory curriculum taught at Brayton in Year 7.

We aim to drive forward the quality of resilience in our students; convey a body of knowledge about learning; develop personal learning attributes and provide opportunities to practise new skills, all of which can be applied throughout school.

The curriculum focuses on encouraging students to develop in the following seven areas of resilience:

  • Academic – The ability to apply and commit yourself to academic challenges.
  • Behavioural – The ability to behave in an appropriate manner when in different situations
  • Cognitive – The ability to apply yourself, adapt in certain situations and try new approaches to tasks.
  • Emotional – The ability to control your emotions, empathise with others and learn from your mistakes.
  • Cultural & Spiritual – The ability to show tolerance in all situations.
  • Physical – The ability to take control of your body and push yourself to your limits.
  • Endurance – The ability to keep on going even when things get tough.

We study a wide range of topics during the year, all focused on developing in these areas. Topics include:

  • The Big Question: Who Am I?
  • In Their Shoes: Looking at how others show Resilience
  • Operation Resilient Community
  • The Big Reflection: Examining the progress made in resilience and making targets for year 8.

Underpinning the whole course is the development of Resilience in a creative way and skills required for Music and Drama will be covered throughout the course. Extra opportunities will include; resilience challenges, outdoor activities, communication skills, team working, film making, ICT skills development, museum visits and drama/music workshops.

Departmental Staff:

Mrs L Singleton – Deputy Director of Learning – [email protected]

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