Our Uniform

Our Uniform


  • Brayton Academy blazer with logo*.
  • Plain white long sleeved or short sleeved shirt with formal collar and top button (no fashionable cuts).
  • Boys: Traditional plain black full length trousers.
  • Girls: Traditional plain black full length trousers or, from September 2016,  plain black knee length skirt with a pleat
  • Brayton Tie*: KS3 (Y7,Y8 & Y9) Green & Blue; KS4 (Y10 & Y11) Red & Blue.
  • Plain black school shoes – no Velcro (which can be polished).
  • Navy blue jumper (optional) – with or without logo – to be worn underneath the blazer*.
*These can be bought from Classroom Clothing, Selby.

PE Kit from June 2017 (Years 8-11 only)

  • Navy/White Unisex Reversible Multi-Sport Top.
  • Navy/White Polo Shirt with logo (boys and girls styles available).
  • Navy/White Unisex Cuatro Shorts.
  • Plain Navy Football Socks.
  • Optional: Navy/White Unisex Cuatro Quarter Zip Fleece Top with logo.
  • Optional: Navy White Unisex Cuatro Quarter Zip Training Top with logo.
  • Optional: Navy/White Unisex Cuatro Track Pants.

PE Kit from June 2019

  • Boys-Brayton Academy Rugby Shirt, Brayton Academy Rugby Shorts, Brayton Academy Rugby Socks, Black Thermal Base Layer.
  • Girls-Brayton Academy Netball Shirt, Brayton Academy Shorts, Brayton Academy Rugby Socks, Black Thermal Base Layer.
These can be bought from Kukri Sports.

Other PE Items

  • Trainers will be needed for indoor and some outdoor sports
  • Studded Football/Rugby boots and shin pads are required for some outdoor sports. There is no stipulation on the style of trainer or boot.

Uniform Expectations

  • Blazers: Should be worn at all times when moving around the building, should be worn properly with sleeves rolled down and may only be removed in class with staff permission.  A detention will be issued for students not complying with these expectations.
  • Shirts: Students should wear white shirts with a top button and full collar, which should be done up and the shirt should be tucked in at all times.  Students may wear either long sleeved or short sleeved shirts.
  • Skirts: Skirts: From September 2016, girls will have the choice of wearing plain black traditional school trousers or a plain black knee length skirt (no tight fitting, pencil, bodycon or any type of stretch material skirts are allowed).
  • Trousers: For boys and girls our definition of traditional school trousers does not include any of the following: denim trousers, jeans, jeans-style trousers, trousers with rivets, trousers with ostentatious zips, trousers with a low waist, trousers made of any stretchy material, trousers that are tight below the knee, skinny style trousers, chinos, linen trousers, trousers made of any fabric other than standard school trouser fabric, leggings, jeggings, thick tights used as trousers, trousers that are not full length and any trousers that follow a current trend, fashion or are fitted/legging-type trousers.
  • Belts: Students may wear belts but they must be plain black with a plain buckle – no studs, decoration or branding.
  • Shoes: Plain black school shoes which can be polished and no velcro – this does not include any shoes that you cannot polish, fabric shoes, trainers, pumps, plimsolls, shoes with heels, boots, shoes with any marking, logo or decorative elements.
  • Outerwear: Outside coats, gloves, scarves and other outerwear must not be worn inside the building.
  • Hairstyles: Students are only allowed to have natural hair colouring. Greens, blues, reds, silver-shades etc. are not allowed. Inappropriate fashion hairstyles are also not allowed. These include, very short ’crew-cut’ hairstyles, extreme styles, decorative shaved elements and motifs.
  • Hair accessories: No large or colourful hair accessories are allowed.
  • Piercings: No jewellery of any kind is allowed.
  • Jewellery: No jewellery other than a single watch is allowed. Confiscated jewellery will be placed in an envelope and stored securely. It will only be returned to students the following Friday at 2:30pm. A detention will be issued.
  • Make up: Make up is banned in Y7 and Y8, this includes false nails, false eyelashes and nail varnish.  Minimum make up may be worn in Y9-Y11, with light natural colour nail varnish (no false nails).
  • Those who attend school with incorrect uniform will be placed in isolation until their uniform is correct. If the correct uniform is brought into school, then students will be allowed to leave isolation.
  • The Head of School’s decision regarding the suitability of uniform will be final.
Brayton Academy Uniform
white-long-sleeved-school-shirt[1] white-short-sleeved-school-shirt[1]
White long sleeved school shirt White short sleeved school shirt
traditional-plain-black-school-trousers[1] plain-black-knee-length-school-skirt[1]
Traditional plain black school trousers Plain black knee length school skirt
Green Tie                                  Red Tie  Unisex Jumper
male-appropriate-school-shoes[1] female-appropriate-school-shoes[1]
The above images are representative examples of appropriate school shoes.
The red line on the images above indicates how the top edge of the shoe should fit under the ankle bone.
Brayton Academy PE Kit
Unisex Reversible Multi-Sport Top

Girls Haze Polo with logo


Boys Vapour Polo with logo


Unisex Cuatro Shorts

Plain Navy Football Socks plain-navy-football-socks[1]

Unisex Cuatro Quarter Zip
Fleece Top with logo


Unisex Cuatro Quarter Zip
Training Top with logo

No Image Available

Unisex Cuatro Track Pants

The Brayton Academy