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Our Journey

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust began working here at Brayton Academy in the Spring of 2016 and when the academy conversion took place in September 2016, we had inherited a school that had falling numbers of students and a building that had lacked any investment over a considerable amount of time. Our first aim was to bring the Academy back to life. This was done by improving behaviour as well as concentrating on improving teaching and learning. This is where the support of the Trust started giving us the necessary models for Positive Discipline as well as supporting teacher freedom.  They also provided expert staff in shortage areas enabling the Academy to start by inculcating a culture of high standards.

From the Summer of 2017 the students’ GCSE results have been steadily improving and the last time GCSE exams took place Brayton Academy was placed in the top 10% of schools nationally. As well as this improvement in academic attainment we received an Outstanding judgement by OFSTED in June 2019. This was another recognition that the Academy had been brought back to life and was in a position to serve the community in the best possible way.

The Academy is now in a secure financial position supported by a vibrant Trust. In September 2016 there were approximately 350 students at the Academy and in September 2022 there will be over 700 students. With this comes an opportunity to expand our curriculum and we are developing the areas of Design as well as the Performing Arts curriculum, investing in resources and staffing.

Investment in the fabric of the building is continuing to take place. In the Summer of 2021 over £200,000 was invested in new ICT facilities. A programme of refurbishment of classrooms continues as well as the refurbishment of science labs worth another £200,000, this is taking place during 2022. The investment in improving the building comes from the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust as well as external grant funding. Over the last five years well over £3.5m will have been spent on the replacement of windows, replacement of the roof, fire safety and a new heating system. There is a 5-year programme of capital investment by the Trust Board and we are seeking grant funding to support investment in our sports facilities.