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Key Stage 3


At Brayton Academy, we have designed a high quality curriculum that develops an ethos of curiosity and an appreciation that the journey of knowledge is the foundation of what we do within our department. Our scheme of work aims to blend high demand content and working scientifically to produce resilient learners. Our content is grouped based on the principals and big ideas of science education. We endeavour to make our students learning experience interesting, engaging and seen as relevant to their lives. It also considers the progression from small ideas about specific events and phenomena to more abstract and widely applicable concepts. This enables student to contextualise the world around them, providing critical thinking for a wide variety of careers and higher education. Rigorous assessment and understanding of significant aspects of pedagogy are essential to support our students’ progression. 

  • Support students to develop a deep understanding of themselves and the world around them.
  • To stimulate curiosity, interest and the enjoyment of science.
  • Guide students to develop a responsible attitude to safety and a respect for living organisms and the physical environment.
  • Provide students with the freedom to explore scientific concepts through extended practical enquiry.
  • Provide foundations for the progression to scientific careers such as, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Computer science, Statistical analysis, Space industry, Engineering, Medical science, Sports science, Electrical engineering and many more…

Year 7

Students will be introduced to the wonder of science. Our KS3 scheme of work aims high, introducing students to a wide range of concepts that shape scientific understanding. Our content is grouped based on the principals and Big Ideas of science education published in 2009 by Wynne Harlen. The report indicates that students should be helped to develop ‘Big Ideas’ of science that will enable them to understand the scientific aspects of the world around them and make informed decisions about its applications.

Year 8

During the academic year, students will continue to explore aspects of the big ideas. As students build through the units we will start to encourage a culture of linking concepts. Students will develop not only an understanding of the scientific world, but also the art of learning. Through the explicit Teaching of our linked in topics and the use of highly targeted feedback, we aim to develop inquisition and resilience in our learners.

Year 9

Students will develop their big idea concepts from year 7 and 8 and delve deeper in preparation for the high demands of the GCSE specification. Year 9 content will be delivered in the familiar style of year 7 and 8 where knowledge is grouped under overarching concepts.

Key Stage 4


At Brayton Academy, the purpose of our Science curriculum is to provide robust foundations to allow students to develop into analytical, methodical and innately inquisitive scientists.

We have three main aims of our curriculum:

  1. To ensure all of our students become successful learners, who enjoy their studies, make progress, achieve and become scientifically confident citizens.
  2. To enable students to recall knowledge and apply scientific understanding to both the ‘real world’ and investigative Science.
  3. To promote curiosity and resilience when discovering answers to posed questions.

Year 10 will continue to guide learners through the AQA specification. The science department will encourage a diagnostic approach to learning and progress and maintain a high demand around our culture of learning. Students will be encouraged to take ownership of their journey through the use of QLA slips.

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